stop one


after hundreds of miles we pulled into the driveway of my maternal grandmother and were greeted by a full throng of relatives.  my baby cousins all grown up, my aunts and uncles looking familiar and full of love, my dear nan who is about to be 90.  i was reminded of the colorful circle i come from.



voices i hadn’t heard in years were pulling up memories.  and then nan’s home…just like always.  there is the smell of bread and the crispness of linens dried outside…in fact there isn’t a working dryer in her home.  there were jello fingers and buns. we slept on layers of blankets that so many would recognize.  the baby dolls that look real (and have real hair!!!) and those that don’t brought squeals and shudders depending on who you were.


we visited some familiar and some new places in this small town.  highlights? dairy queen, tim hortons, the credit union, a doggie day care, motor inn for breakfast, auntie marina and uncle ken’s house, auntie senta and uncle rick’s house, the fossil museum (where we got an incredible behind-the-scenes tour!!!), the thrift shop, the library…

my nan is known for her love and skill of gardening.  i don’t think there is a bit of grass in her yard…it is all plants with little winding paths and magical corners.  micah desperately wanted to make a fairy garden there, so on our last morning we did.  i wonder if nan ever found it.

on the morning we left, nan held my shoulders,  looked me in the eye and  said,

“you go now, my child.”

this woman, a mother of 13, a grandmother of tens, a great grandmother of a few has said that many times, i’m sure.

so we went.

part one of this journey satisfied.  blessed be.

3 thoughts on “stop one

  1. I found your blog through Meg Duerksen’s blog (she linked to something crafty :) and kept on reading your blog entries and saw some familiar things. My parents live in Morden! The blog world sure has made the world we live in very small LOL When I told my mom of how I happened upon your blog and where you were from, of course she said “we have relatives in Newton, Kanas”! I’m sure we’re related ;) Thanks for sharing about your life! I hope that Manitoba was good to you!
    PS Jeanie’s cake=classic Manitoba!


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