transport by passport

i am so grateful our passports arrived in time despite my typical laziness for tasks that offer no creativity (also included in this are returning movies to redbox, mailing bills, depositing paychecks and returning library books).  so after many hundreds of miles we crossed over to the land of my family.

we’re relishing in family time and brief moments with wifi.

Winnipeg viewFrench fries and gravy!!!!fairy garden for nan : itim horton's

from small town manitoba to big city manitoba, from french fries with gravy to coffee crisp, we made it.  my goal and hope and prayer was to see my three living grandparents.  as of 12:30 yesterday, it happened.  blessed be.


13 thoughts on “transport by passport

  1. Is that Dinosaur in Wyoming? I have pictures of my two big kids on that Dinosaur when they were little! I hope you have a wonderful trip.


    1. oh, not wyoming…north dakota maybe? south dakota?

      but i think we should pretend it’s the same dinosaur. : )


    1. i know!!! my grandpa sits at that window and can pretend to control the trains.

      thank you, instagram.

      : )


  2. You know, now that you have the passports…. : )

    Wishing N could connect with L.

    These are lovely pictures, indeed. I just had a meeting with a Colombian family that is moving to Winnepeg…


  3. I didn’t realize you were Canadian too! Can you make a *small* detour to Calgary on your way home? Have a wonderful visit.


  4. Warmest greetings to Omi, Opi and Nan. Enjoy your time together – and the Tim Hortons.

    We drive by your house at Abram’s request just to “check” if you’re home yet. Do you need a meal upon your arrival? Love you all and miss you all.


  5. it was so good seeing you and your family at mom’s a couple of weeks ago. jeff was going through his coin collection and would like to give some that mica might like. we just need your home address. my email is, thanks kristin , love to you all, heidi


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