school’s out

we’re one hour into different.

end of 3rd grade

the kids woke up earlier than a school day (OH MY!!!!) and keep saying, “i can’t believe we don’t have school!”  we have a sweet baby friend coming over in a bit and micah has play plans with a school friend.  i’m sitting in gratitude  for what has been and what will be.  my children enjoyed school, they tell stories of sticking up for kids, they had adults care for them, they learned more than i realize.

outside the jar

i’m also very aware that what became normal very quickly is over.  my lunches in a bone quiet home.   my afternoons to work on what i wanted when i wanted.  my voice being unused for 3 hour chunks.  but, bring on the negotiations, the calling, the answering all rooted in the gut deep knowledge that every day is a gift.

2 thoughts on “school’s out

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for over a year now, after discovering your link on Carrie Snyder’s blog, and though we don’t know each other, I thought it time to share a hello.
    Your blog has been a quiet place to slip away to, a brief reprieve from a full life with a loving hubbie and joyful four-year old. After stopping by, I tuck away the visual beauty, the insights, the free-form fun, the sense of grounded change, and carry on with my day at hand. I love your minimal poetic voice, your exceptional eye for light and colour in an ordinary day, the way you are proud of your kids in a way that doesn’t feel about you, the space and humour you lend a moment, the honesty that makes it all so resonant.
    Thank you, and hello.
    Krista Vasiga
    (Kitchener, Ontario)


    1. well, thank you. very much.

      i’m writing from a library in small town manitoba feeling pretty disconnected from the world after a few days off line.

      thanks for a kind way of bringing me back. i appreciate you taking time to write.

      warmly, kristin


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