okay, i’ve joined the many who are hooked on instagram.  these are like insta-memories.  insta-what year is it?  insta-oh remember when we were there?  insta-we should do that again! ah, instagram!  insta-click by insta-tilt shift by insta-filter by insta-upload to flickr, here was our weekend…

sal  SS

we were graced with simple outdoor family joy knowing the mind-numbing and patience-testing heat is coming.

3 thoughts on “insta-weekend

  1. I love those pictures!

    I want to hug Micah, he is handsome :)

    I miss Eliza so much. Would you hug me too, Lizy? (beside hugging the baby cow)

    Oh, and I like the bike ridden by Jerry and Lizy :)

    In fact, I miss all of you… :)


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