i’m coming upon the privileged and difficult time of year when i redefine who and what my days are about.

classroom 2010-2011 - 08

the preschool year came to a close on wednesday.  on thursday my mom helped me shut the classroom down.  what remains is a perimeter of memories and the smell of bleach.  furniture is pushed back, the ceiling lowered with twinkly lights and artwork has been restored to it’s original height.  in a mere 3 months it will all move out and down again.

z week • preschool - 4

the list of things to finish up on the administrative end of things is long.  monday will come soon enough.

w week • preschool - 19

today i will deliver my mom and her helpful self to the airport, i’ll get ready to welcome mr rob, family and friends for an evening of celebration, i’ll start the bulletin for sunday, and i’ll continue to sort through what it means to be done with the regular tending of 33 young children.

May 11 - 137

thank you, karin, for the photo.

5 thoughts on “redefining

  1. This is the best part of the educational calendar. You get to be done–call it good, then start over. Kick out the bad, build on the new. Completely reinvent. Teachers are taking lots of hits these days. Maybe it’s because our job is to strive for perfection, which is quite humbling and takes a long time.


  2. I don’t think I could ever adequately express our thankfulness to you and Mr. Rob for what you have given our children. You have nurtured them, you have loved them as individuals, noticed and celebrated their quirks and curiosity and provided a safe place for them to explore the joy of being a child. While you redefine yourself, know that you have helped to define an important experience for my children. For that I will be eternally grateful.


    1. Well said. I appreciate the way you let the kids explore without the fear of doing something “wrong”. You and Mr. Rob have such a natural way with the kids and work so well together. My daughter loves you both and has learned so much by exploring, observing, listening and creating in your supportive and creative environment. I can’t thank you enough for what you two do!


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