bits and pieces

i’m finding evidence of bits and pieces of our life in the last days.  the flowers are blooming and eliza picks them nearly as fast as they do.

we’re moving into the last week of preschool which means a lot of projects started around here.  one of them meant we drank over 30 bottles of water.  the kids thought that was pretty special.  me too.  i’ll turn them into “i spy a rainbow” bottles for the preschoolers.

home again

we got rid of regular tv for the first time ever.  our converter box doesn’t work, so as soon as the cable company comes, we’ll have nothing show up when we turn the tv on.  the truth is we’ve been watching most tv on the computer anyway.  but just like when i went to using my cell phone as an alarm clock, i tense up a bit at the change of it.

home again

i’ve completed an on line course…i’m glad to have that done.  it was my first time and i appreciated the careful instruction given.

i also complete homework every night this week per eliza’s instruction.  i imagine i’m doing just what she must do at school.  i get a heart (or ‘ha-ow-t”) when completed.

micah is finishing up testing at school and he will be glad when it’s done!  we relish in the moments at home when he settles into himself and we see his easy joy.  it took a while tonight, but i’m grateful for the time we spent around a fire laughing at martha’s insistence on being right with us.

naomi is navigating this last month of 7th grade with grace that i wish i had had.  she loves gymnastics and the new things she can figure out.  we were at her last meet of the season last weekend…photos of that are buried…to be unearthed soon.

jerry and i pass each other every day in this busy month of life.  we’re both eager for a change in the routine when we can settle in together differently.

we’re packing up to head out for a weekend church retreat.  it looks like the weather will be beautiful.  when we get home we look forward to honoring our mothers and all they are to us.  blessed indeed.

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