making deodorant as mothers and daughters

for our church mother-daughter group this month we made deodorant as a part of our “hi jean!” conversation topic.  i love how these girls and mamas “go for it” in conversation.  it really is inspiring.

mother daughter group - 01

mother daughter group - 15

there was a lot of mixing and scent choosing involved.  and i can say that after using my deodorant for over 2 weeks, i have not smelled bad once.  and i am capable of it!!!

mother daughter group - 17

mother daughter group - 16

mother daughter group - 04

we also did clay masks…

mother daughter group - 07

by the time these photos were taken my mask had hardened…so no more smiles.

mother daughter group - 06

(but some neck straining as i try NOT to smile)

mother daughter group - 08

mother daughter group - 14

mother daughter group - 18

this group is one i will not take for granted.  naomi is the only one on the oldest end of the age range (2nd grade and up), but she still finds support, comfort and fun in it.

thank you for the gift of this day, friends!

mother daughter group - 13

7 thoughts on “making deodorant as mothers and daughters

    1. and if you can find an essential oil called “candy cane,” then you will smell like a sweet mint dream.

      : )


  1. late getting to this – but Yes! Was introduced last year to even simpler prep – roughly equal parts corn starch and baking soda, with enough coconut oil to make it stick together when pressed; works amazingly well and I LOVE not dealing with aluminum and other toxins. Warning – intro came from a young man who also gave up shampoo.


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