calf pulling


way back when we were in western kansas, it was calving time.  the farmers and the farmers’ friends would go check on the mamas and babies around the clock.  we were invited to drive out and see the process of pulling a calf…helping the mama and baby along.


it was louder than i imagined it would  be.  the kids claim there was a smell that i have since forgotten.  i’ve had the honor of giving birth and attending births of friends and i must say this was a little painful to watch.  a couple of us found ourselves in tears as this mama bellowed and heaved her body against the panels.




it was intense.



and then there was waiting and watching and rubbing the baby down with an old quilt.



and then mama came over…and the bonding started.



before we left the baby was getting himself up!

:: :: :: ::


we had a little photo shoot with grandpa sebes and another calf a few days old.


i am so grateful to have these experiences…for the first time right alongside my kids!

One thought on “calf pulling

  1. I have fond memories of going with my dad on vet calls and watching him do “the disappearing arm trick.” :) He had a safety pin always pinned to the upper sleeve of his scrub top… just to ensure that the glove wasn’t ever lost. :)


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