mystery and sergey

yesterday we waded through joy and the mystery of christ’s resurrection…a story that has no ending.  a story that suggests sorrow and joy greater than i have ever known.

my dear friend acted in the role of mary discovering jesus’ body was gone.  she is a gifted actor anyway, and i will never forget her face, her weeping, her loud grief that continued while we stood by.  i imagine all of us were tapping into our own moments of grief or imagining ourselves in that situation or wondering what it means for us today.  and isn’t that what life is all about?  isn’t that what the stories are all about?  it was sacred.  jerry was across the crowd from me and caught up with me afterwards as we headed in for coffee and breakfast.  he smirked and said, “you really got into that, didn’t you?”  yes.  and he did too.

and now i sit on my comfy couch knowing the first poppies bloomed overnight with one of my babies sleeping in her own room without a thing she HAS to do when she wakes up, another one of my babies playing a game on an ipod after devouring easter chocolate, another one of my babies right next to me offering me a taste of her easter sucker with almost all her flesh exposed after a night of sleeping in undies only.  i have a big mug of coffee and a husband taking his turn to sleep in while i do my morning blog reading.

and i read this and this and this and then i think of all the other children hurting…..

and when my head is filled with the images of babies alone and longing for love, the mystery of god is blown as wide as ever before.  there are pleas for help all over, i know.  this is one of many.

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