last supper

lenten sunday school - 01

as much as the experience is for them, it is for me.  we enjoyed our version of the last supper as a 3-4 grade sunday school class.  we tried new foods, held a new baby and watched these videos.

lenten sunday school - 02lenten sunday school - 03

lenten sunday school - 05

lenten sunday school - 09

we also added to the preschool web with efficiency that only an older set of hands can do.

lenten sunday school - 06lenten sunday school - 07

this group of children is one more reason i love our little church.

3 thoughts on “last supper

  1. You are my new favorite person! Just thought you should know :)
    You can check me out at my blog:
    Years and years ago I thought I wanted to be someone just like you. Life lived and decisions made, I’m not like that, but I think where I’m at is good. I also think God led me to your blogs (both of them) to remind me of the dreams He placed in my heart all those years ago. (I know this is so, because I’m crying as I type this, and know that I do NOT cry easily.)
    Thank you, Kristin!


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