spring concert

spring concert - 06

well, way back before it was even spring, eliza had her first ever concert.

spring concert - 04

it was the kindergarten, first and second grade classes all together.  complete with homemade costumes, lots of singing, rhyming verse, a real stage…it was wonderful. classic. a real group effort.

spring concert - 12

spring concert - 03

the whole event (like so much of the school) is relaxed.  families stay together until right before the concert, then they all head up to the stage.  this is one example of how this school (maybe without it even being intentional) cuts down on the sit-and-be-quiet-in-a-separate-room-while-you-wait time.  i recognize i might be projecting here, but it is something i notice and appreciate so much.

spring concert - 05

spring concert - 07

spring concert - 08

spring concert - 13spring concert - 09

spring concert - 14

when the concert was over, we continued to hum “be a lady” while we ate cookies…everyone is asked to bring some to share.  a “cookie potluck” as eliza says.

spring concert - 01

how fun it was to be in a real concert with long time church friend, keria!

on the way home we picked up eliza’s very first banana split.

spring concert - 16

she reports that the cookies were way better.

spring concert - 17

2 thoughts on “spring concert

  1. So, so, so sweet. I love how you always manage to highlight and celebrate the things that childhood should really be about: family, love, exploration, play…I just adore both of your blogs. They are an incredible blessing.


  2. Way to go, Lizy!!!!! I wish I could watch the concert myself. I am sure you did very good :)
    I saw Payton in the pictures! you guys go to the same kindergarten? Cool! and Keira too! :D


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