man at home


this man had a birthday.  a few weeks ago we spent a weekend with friends in western kansas.  he was at Home.  Home with a capital h.  in the middle of nowhere, in his boots and chore coat.  with friends who know him and family who love him.  even though the trip wasn’t in honor of his birthday, it seems fitting to share them at this time.

IMAG0280 IMG_7007

we had late nights and early mornings.



there were funny things (plaques from the 60s and make-shift potty chairs) and pretty things (frosted trees and wooden walls).

IMG_5638 IMG_5655


it was cold much of the time…it was like we were in a frosted world.



there was a lot of goodness.  hard laughing, deep conversations, wonderful food, awe at a farmer’s life (…the pulling of a calf deserves its own post…), humility at what all goes on without despite humanity.  goodness.  thank you, friends, thank you.

all of the photos taken of our family were by john…on his phone!  impressive!

7 thoughts on “man at home

  1. I love the family pictures! especially the one with the writings, how could you do it?
    I can imagine you show the rocks to the preschoolers, but for real what are you going to do with those rocks? (curious mode on)


    1. through flickr i use the picnik app.

      naomi says picnik is also a facebook app.

      you would love it!

      : )


  2. I just spent way more time than I should have looking through many of your posts, including the most recent — some for the umteenth time! Wonderful! I am always comforted and made thankful by reading what’s all going on with you. Can’t wait for when we we get together. Canada? Oh yeah!


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