micah, winner

(the title reminds me of one of our favorite books: annabelle swift, kindergartner)

bless his sweet tender heart.  micah won an art contest.  this same child who will often crumple many papers in an evening of drawing.  he was the third grade winner in the state.  the above drawing was a sketch he whipped out after i showed him the capitol building we’d be visiting.  he carried it along.

micah • art contest • topeka - 02

our family was encouraged to skip school and go to the state capitol to enjoy a day of honoring the art contest winners.  i’m grateful for a friend/preschool dad and a flexible co worker who took over the day at preschool for me.  i hear it was a good time.

micah • art contest • topeka - 04

all students at micah and eliza’s school submitted a drawing representing the theme “celebrate kansas:  150 years of agriculture” sponsored by the kansas foundation for agriculture in the classroom. micah’s winning drawing:

micah • art contest • topeka - 03

“it’s a birthday cake with kansas things on it and since i knew i had to put the words on it that was the easy part.”

micah • art contest • topeka - 05

micah • art contest • topeka - 07

one of eliza’s best kindergarten friends also had a brother who won, so there was quite a bit of excitement in the capitol building.  we shook hands with the big wigs…walked around fairly dazed by it all.   oh, and let it be known that eliza says that if there was such thing as second place for this contest,  she would have been second place for sure.

micah • art contest • topeka - 09micah • art contest • topeka - 06

micah • art contest • topeka - 11

micah was interviewed, there were cupcakes catered, the best muenster cheese i’ve ever had…an amazing level of honor!

micah • art contest • topeka - 10

i often think that this may be a bit of a turning point…a moment of micah seeing himself through someone else’s eyes in a new way.

micah • art contest • topeka - 13

14 thoughts on “micah, winner

  1. I love knowing about this part of Micah.

    I love that you featured the casual piece on a little scrap of paper.

    I love hoe you honor your kids with modesty and pride mixed together.

    i love that last line of this post.


  2. yeah micah!! it truly is a wonderful experience when the outside world can step back and tell your kids the same thing that you’ve been trying to tell them – they are wonderful, talented beings with something worth contributing!! :) happy heart this morning!!


  3. Oh Micah, we are so proud of you and are delighted that others – and you! – recognize what an amazing person you are. We send a HUGE hug. Thank you so much for taking these photos, Kristin. We treasure sharing these experiences -even if by long distance!
    Love you, Mom/Oma


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