gymnastics and school pick up etiquette



naomi had her second ever gymnastics meet.  eliza, nana and i went to watch while jerry and micah tended to martha’s needs.  we took movies of her competing for them to see which means i don’t have photos of that part!


naomi competed alongside her teammates from the flip flop shop, but is scored alongside those in her age group from all teams.


her scores were her personal best so far.



and while she placed everywhere from 1st-4th in separate events (beam, bars, vault and floor), naomi got first place over all!


what a thrill for her!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

true naomi story:  one very warm day this week we were waiting in the middle school parking lot for her.  our van has a neat feature that lets you flip the back seat down so you can sit in it with the hatch up and have your legs hang out the back.  so, micah, eliza and i sat there and watched the buses pull in, kids start walking home, etc.  after not too long, i see naomi waiting on the sidewalk (at which point she usually walks straight to the car).  we start rearranging the seat, gathering water bottles, putting shoes back on, etc.  i wonder what is taking her so long when i notice a text from her.  keep in mind that she is only about 3 car spaces away from us.  the text says:  “can u plz get back in the car?!?!?”  oh, i wanted to crank up some music and dance, but i got everyone in the car, shut the doors, and she came over.  : )

10 thoughts on “gymnastics and school pick up etiquette

  1. When I see a picture like that one of her all decked out and beaming, I have a flash back to when she was a baby, and it’s one of those “if we only knew the future at that point, would we have believed it?” moments.

    Loved the teenage story. . . thanks for sharing it : )


  2. Way to go Naomi! When I saw the scoring sheet I thought her scores looked high! That is awesome!!!

    And for the story, I was slightly surprised – I though she knew you were the cool mom:) Oh well, some day she’ll remember those marvelous days with her mom and the crazy, silly things you did!


  3. Oh how wonderful for you, Naomi!!!! Keep having fun. All your years of dance must have really helped with your balance. Wish we could have been at the meet to cheer for you (but not too loudly!)

    Memory lane as far as trying not to be seen with parents?
    Loving you,


  4. Hello Naomi! – and the rest in your house.

    What a treat to see you, Naomi, in the “daze”!!!! Could your Gr. Grandparents be more proud / happier and more thrilled than to see their Gr. Granddaughter perform the way you do? Thank you so much for keeping us posted, Kristin. Those “9-plus” values are soooo impressive. You, Naomi and all of you Micah, Eliza, Kristin and Jerry make us so thankful that you are part of our family.
    Omi / Oma and Opi / Opa.


  5. Congrats on the win! And the embarassing family story . . . I love that!!! Oh, how I love it. It reminds me of a time when my Emma asked me to please, if I came to her school, not to act weird. Sometimes when they want me to stop, it just makes me want to do it even more :)


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