st patrick's day • - 4

thanks to this bottle of fun, we turned the day green and enjoyed warm spring weather.

st patrick's day • - 3st patrick's day • - 2

micah and eliza helped paint rocks gold for me to use at preschool while naomi was at junior high youth group.

st patrick's day • - 1

st patrick's day • - 7

the warm day reminded of me of days about a year ago…nothing significant, just what was.

st patrick's day • - 6

st patrick's day • - 5

and this scene made me giggle.  i don’t know who or why, but footprints were found on the dining room table.  and they are too big to be a leprechaun’s.

2 thoughts on “spring…

  1. You inspire me to share my own story. Yours touches me, makes me smile, laugh and sometimes cry. Thank you for opening you home and heart for us to see. You Are Amazing.


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