fancy dog tea party



the table was set, dog bowls waiting…eliza was six.

eliza’s birthday goal was to eat out of a real dog bowl.  gladly the grocery store had them for 89 cents each.


and eat out of dog bowls they did.



we made dog tags and leashes with so many pleases and thank yous.  this was one polite and gentle group of little girls.




with presents and shrieking, a little dog walking, more puppy chow eating, the party was suddenly over.


thank you, thank you, for helping celebrate our six year old!


12 thoughts on “fancy dog tea party

  1. This is a riot! Oh how funny that she wanted to eat out of a real dog bowl. What an great imagination she has…she must get it from her mom.

    Kathy b


    1. ha! i bet it is your mom?!?!?

      but i know that L is a friend of mine who teaches 9th grade english. i did giggle though imagining it being lauren. : )

      oh, it was a fun day. so glad annie was there.


  2. Hey!
    Seeing the pics of your celebrration, makes it easy to join you. Great Time! Continue to have fun!!!!! Much Love and Happiness – Omi/Oma and Opi/opa.


  3. Ruff-ruff! :-) Magical, to say the least. I love the shot of Eliza just getting ready to blow out the candles. Cute, cute, cute. Looks like you all had a hoot. Love you!


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