i guess way back when our garage was a functioning barn.


so i guess it makes sense that we use it as such.


meet sweet baby martha.


she’s micah’s 4H project and the baby fix i need.  micah and jerry go to monthly bucket calf meetings and micah will show her at the county fair this august.


we feed her milk replacer twice a day with a warm water bottle mid day.  she tries to nurse anyone who comes near her.  with every shluck of the bottle, her eyelids slowly close and open…just like my babies did.  it’s so sweet.


she really is sweet.  there are so many moments not captured:  her trying to nurse sally, eliza leading her around the back yard telling her all about her day, micah and jerry scooping straw and filling water, naomi jumping on the picnic table to escape martha’s nursing attempts.  i’ll try to capture those sometime.  when i’m not using my hands to protect myself from her.

10 thoughts on “baby

    1. the kids assume we’re eating her. we aren’t planning to. this is the walton school influence (they regularly eat pork from the pigs raised at the school last year). they love her, take care of her, and assume she’ll be part of our meals. it’s fascinating to me.


  1. Oh my! I’m so happy for you. I have always loved being in the barn. As a little girl I remember rushing out to the barn as soon as we would get to my cousins’ house and sitting in the straw with the bucket calves and feeding them. Oh how I remember my cousins laughing when I would sing the calves to sleep. My greatest source of pride was when they named a cow after me. So, welcome baby Martha!!! Wish we lived closer…
    Love you, Oma/Mom


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