naomi • 13

well, the challenge and honor of celebrating two birthdays a day apart was here again.  with slight changes to the birthday table and meals chosen by the birthday girl of the day, we did it.  all while loving and reminding our middle child that he is loved and celebrated too.

naomi • 13 - 3

we started the celebration on a trip to western kansas with friends.  naomi got herself behind the wheel of the van for the first time.  jerry took us all down memory lane more than once recalling his first times driving (combine at 9, truck at 7, etc).  naomi did great.  i did not.  i was shocked to hear myself yelling, “NAOMI!  BRAKE!  BRAKE!!!!!”  jerry asked me to be quiet and let him to this.  he was as calm and cool and rational and encouraging as i thought i would be.  it reminded me of my dad teaching me to drive.

naomi • 13 - 2

naomi • 13 - 5

grandparents celebrated with us, some having traveled hundreds of miles, some only a few.  uncle marc was there.  and oh, there was excitement.

naomi • 13 - 7naomi • 13 - 6

her birthday was complete with the gift of getting highlights in her hair.  i dropped her off and picked her up a couple of hours later.  dear child, dear young woman child.  the before shot with no formal after shot:

naomi • 13 - 4

naomi • 13 - 1

often happy in her own world of music and sharpies, nail polish and journaling, naomi humored us with a somewhat rowdy rendition of “happy birthday” in the middle of a full restaurant.

naomi • 13 - 8

hide when you want to, baby.  shine when you can. we love you, sweet girl of ours.

naomi • 13 - 9

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