12 thoughts on “thirteen.

  1. I’m glad you wandered my way the other day- it’s nice to know sometimes that others share your sentiment :) Your girl is beautiful. I’m sure the day my baby girl celebrates 13 will feel like it is here in a flash! But for now she is still a sweet, small, 16 months. Blessings from Texas!


  2. What a beauty. When I see 13 year old girls, I just want to give them hugs and tell them it all gets better.

    Riley turns 13 on March 13. The changes in him over the last month have been amazing. I’m sure you know what I mean. Love (and strength) to all of you.


  3. oh my. oh my. happy birthday to a beautiful young woman!! my heart always skips a beat to hear she’s reached another milestone because that means that mine is not far behind. teens…ready or not momma – wish i was closer – my heart longs for coffee and a chat! love from afar to all of yours!!


  4. Oh my! What a beauty you are at tender 13! Growing gorgeous is tough stuff for most of us, but looks easy by you Miss Naomi. I am certain you are as rowdy as ever on the inside. So miss you and your stupendous stepping. Love love love to you dear girl on this most auspicious day! Happy Birthday to you.


  5. Happy Birthday to “Na Na” as Emily and Evan used to say. I can still remember how sweet she was as a new baby when we took care of her in the nursery at the hospital. We all knew who she belonged to. We miss you all. Much love, Kris Krabill & family


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