3 thoughts on “family love

  1. this hit home with me. Valentine’s Day (like a few other holidays) has always and still holds a tradition that mom keeps up with every year.
    For example, when back in KS for a VERY brief visit last weekend to celebrate my only living grandparent’s birthday, mom made sure to pass out the valentine’s gifts to her children, in-law children (like kids to her regardless), and grandchildren.
    I LOVE IT. I love receiving my easter, valentine’s day (or other) holiday gifts, whether in the mail or in person. It cheers me up (needed or not) and every year it creates a new, beautiful visual to my collection of memories.
    I LOVE that you do these special events for your children b/c as a child who experienced them first-hand, I know it means so much. :)
    Hugs to you all!!!!!! :)


  2. Those sweet little candle holders, the simple, festive atmosphere. Laughter. These are reasons I love Valentine’s Day. By the way, I completely ripped off Micah’s Valentine idea. Those $20s sent a great message! Thank you and Micah for sharing.


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