indoor snow play


when we had leftover snow from a batch of snow ice cream (“recipe” follows), i almost tossed it back outside.  then i saw eliza playing with playmobil and asked if she wanted snow to play in.  we do this at preschool every day now, so why not home?

indoor snow play


she loved it.


i was surprised at preschool and now at home how long the snow lasts.


highly recommended.  by me and her.

:: :: :: ::

naomi has become a pro at making snow ice cream.

snow ice cream - 3

we use snow, 1 % milk, vanilla and sugar.

snow ice cream - 1

mix the milk, sugar and vanilla together first.

snow ice cream - 2

snow ice cream - 4

pour over the snow.  add more snow as needed.

snow ice cream - 5

yum.  as some of you know, i say i could go the rest of my life without ever eating ice cream again….but this is really good!

:: :: :: ::

it really is moments like these that bring balance to my life.  what this means is that there is as much junk as there is this goodness. humiliating and shameful, confusing and tread-stopping.  i’m working on setting a better example for my children in responding to the junk of this life.   onward, we go.



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