valentines for our valentines.  it’s been a little harder getting done what we wanted.  we’ve taken turns with fever, headache and cough (we’re getting quite the ab work out).  so far naomi is the last one standing.  and she is standing TALL, determined not to get this.


naomi spent most of her energy on one valentine and then helping her siblings.  this really had her missing her younger years.


micah has enjoyed his class’ exploration of foreign money.  we kept with that theme in his valentines:


the play money is about 3 times real size with a chocolate coin glued on.


micah also needed to decorate a box for his class party (they were doing it during class when he was home sick).  he had a very specific design in mind including a mini door with mirror.  surprise, friends!  i wondered if he remembered the mirror on the preschool box from when he was little?



eliza continues her obsession with dogs.  no better way for her to express her sentiments than through “woof.”


we were planning to make “puppy chow” but with illness in the house, we decided on store bought chocolates and we’ll make puppy chow for her birthday treats (and she wants to serve them out of dog bowls…we’ll see).

i’m planning on a fancy breakfast for the kids like in years past if we can stop coughing long enough.


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