food coloring = paint

when home on a snow day, desperately not wanting to drive to the store, but really wanting to do something calm that didn’t involve a screen, i used food coloring paste and water as paint.  it worked great.  back in january a group of women and i chose a word (or the word chose us).  my word for this year:  discernment.

food coloring = paint

food coloring as paint


it was groundhog day and uncle jonny’s birthday, so we also painted in their honors.  : )  the pink shape below is the groundhog’s shadow…though we know he didn’t really see his shadow this year.

groundhog day


food coloring paint ii

we’ll be using this “kitchen paint” again.

4 thoughts on “food coloring = paint

  1. awesome.

    btw….i have a bag of rainbow colored (one of each color) tulle scarves….like for dancing and twirling around….is that something the preschool would like to own? if not i will send it to etc. but i thought of you as i bagged them up.


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