snowy day…again

snowy day  - 04

these photos from last week show less snow than we have outside our windows tonight.  again, no school tomorrow.

snowy day  - 02snowy day  - 03snowy day  - 01

after a warm breakfast inside micah and i went out to shovel.

snowy day  - 06

then we built ourselves snow chairs and had a coffee break.

snowy day  - 07

the first snow day we had was pretty chaotic and disappointing…this was much better.

snowy day  - 05

5 thoughts on “snowy day…again

  1. Oh how I would have loved to be there with you. It brings back such lovely memories of my childhood -making forts in the snow, huge snowmen in the yard, lots of shoveling of the long driveway so my Dad could drive the car to the house, and best of all, my Mom’s organizing of a picnic in the snow after tying the sleds on to the back of the car! I still love to shovel when it is dark and quiet and thick snow is falling. Magical!


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