birthday guests


we were honored to celebrate our dear friend’s fourth birthday.


his little sister was honored to eat cake and ice cream.  (i LOVED this cake.  well done, karin)

i usually have an easy time deleting photos when there are several taken of the same moment.  not this time.

messy mabel - 1

messy mabel - 2

messy mabel - 3

oh, messy mabel.

messy mabel - 4

messy mabel - 6

messy mabel - 5

and then off to the bath.

alien cupcakeabram's birthday - 1

abram's birthday - 3

happy birthday, sweet abram.  you really are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

abram’s birthday photoset here.

3 thoughts on “birthday guests

  1. Thanks so much for capturing the evening in photos. I can’t help feeling that my life looks better through your lens. Perspective, I guess. Thank you.

    The pictures of Mabel made me laugh out loud. That girl is a hot mess.


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