snow day


the second of this winter…really unusual for us!  so, we meet the morning with a fire in the stove with the MOST INCREDIBLE sparks we’ve ever had.  good times.


crackling fire

anyone else hungry for angel hair pasta?

5 thoughts on “snow day

  1. thoughts for a truly snowy day:
    1. are there preschool families who would benefit from a soup brigade delivery? (there may be some youth who may need to take on a physical challenge by later today.)
    2. check out the blog “turning dreams into deeds” (on, I’ve been meaning to recommend it to you for months. I know you’ll love the thoughts on spirituality and parenting active young children. This is the artist/farmer mom of the 2 girls who are (literally) hanging out with Erin on her profile pic from Koinonia. Her latest post is just PERFECT.
    3. if you can tune into fb, see my links to Bright Eyes and Conor Oberst; I can’t stop thinking about what your dad or brother or Karin our neighbor or others might say/do/sing…


    1. i’ve been checking in on a couple of families already. it seems that families are warm, have food and able to be home (being unemployed makes days like this easier, says one). i’ll break my facebook ban to check it out. thanks. : )


  2. we are so cold over here!!
    i wish i could make a fire.
    maybe today is the day to try to teach myself….how hard could it be?
    i just always let the other people in my life who are confident fire builders handle that role.

    i cringed when my phone rang last night….knowing it was a snow day call.
    i know all the teachers rejoiced. :)


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