naomi competed in her first ever gymnastics meet.  this is actually the first ever competitive sporting event for our family.  i’m catching on that the waiting, the crowds, the waiting, the lack of seating, the waiting, the wishing we brought binoculars, the waiting and the heart flipping moments when your child puts herself out there are typical.



naomi started gymnastics about a year ago.  during competition each gymnast participates in 4 events:  vault, bars, floor and balance beam.  she has her favorites, she has what she’s best at, and the funny thing is that they don’t always match up.  what does that mean…to be “good” at something and not prefer it?




this was the first of several more meets this spring.  next time i’ll make sure i charge my camera’s battery so i don’t have to finish the day with the phone camera.  grrrrrrr.

photo photo


(naomi’s cheering squad also known as obstacle course for people walking by)

5 thoughts on “gymnastics

  1. I’ve seen the pictures on Naomi’s Facebook page and I’m happy for her and your family! Wonderful! Maybe next time, I’ll watch her playing gymnastics (not through pictures), that would be awesome :)


  2. oh my – flashes of wrestling meets – you will soon be a pro – just plan like you’re going on a road trip or you might get stuck in an airport for several hours! (and if possible i’d love to see a video!) yay ne!


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