sweet decency

martin luther king jr day was met with one at work (jerry), two sick (me and eliza and our bellies), one tired (naomi after a full weekend of gymnastics) and one rearing to go (micah).


the melding of it all: a trip to the store for donuts, lots of handwashing, a fire in the stove, reading online, ¬†finding this episode of little house on tv…perfect for today. the most sober remark i heard in a conversation between the kids: if this show is from way back when then that means that nothing has changed in a long, long time. oh, my, the truth that is.


ma ingalls speaks truth too. when laura wonders what she should say in apology for making fun of mr. bevins, ma says: you were smart enough to come up with what to say, you’re smart enough to come up with an apology.



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