in an activity at intergenerational sunday school last week we were asked to list “our interests.”  because this sounds a bit too much like “hobbies” and i struggle to claim a hobby, i had to think about what i choose to spend my time doing.


ukulele:  i’ve had my soprano ukulele for a while now.  i was gifted a tenor ukulele which is bigger with a deeper sound.  i’m up to 9 chords.  i wish i knew more.  we are big “modern family” fans and needless to say, cameron’s song is sung by us all almost daily.

exercise:  i exercise fairly consistently since last summer.  i’ve never done sports or regular exercise in my life.  if i didn’t have women to do this with, i wouldn’t.  i’m so grateful.  though i’m not always grateful when my alarm goes off at 5:30.

preschool:  i didn’t know how to name my work.  my job is my main hobby, my main interest.  i am energized by it and look forward to it.

blogs:  i read them every morning with a cup of coffee.  even at 5:30.  i spend my days thinking about things i’ve seen and read.  a bit like when i read a book and can’t stop thinking of characters, i think of my blog friends.  i’ve changed my lesson plans for the day after reading something from one of my virtual cohorts.

reading:  i read every night before bed.  i feel a little intimidated when i have to tell what i’ve read.  i like books with substance but that are redemptive.  i want to like characters, i want to live in their worlds.  i literally fall asleep reading and then jerry wakes me up to turn off my light.  every night.


taking photos:  i’ve loved this since i was little…the difference is that i wrote the “photography” this time.  that usually sounds too formal.  but i do love capturing what i want to see…does that make sense?

spirituality:  i do spend quite a bit of time pondering the realm of spirituality,  offering my children the most basic foundation of faith while i use that as a springboard for my own thinking, looking for signs of the kingdom, wondering if we’re all talking about the same thing in different words…could it all be semantics?  i appreciated this sunday’s message encouraging us to be comfortable with not knowing it all, to be okay with “i don’t know.”  amen.

13 thoughts on ““interests”

  1. I love this. I love the photos…especially the first one with you and the ukulele.
    And I love you.
    You are an inspiration as a wife, mother, sister, neighbor, photographer, and friend.

    for realz! :)


  2. I can’t stop thinking of this post!
    Seriously, how can you manage your time? making two blogs, reading other’s blog, kids, work, books, husband, church….. wow!
    I am at my low point of interests right now. I guess I need to “wakeup” and learn from you. thank you, friend!
    I hope to see you again before the end of the 2011 and we can share about our interests by then.


      1. yes, MUST READ “Biff”. We are Christopher Moore fans, though I’m careful how I share that because of his enthusiasm for crudeness (this last month was the annual review of his christmas book, complete with zombies). “Biff” is one of the more influential pieces in my mosaic of images of Jesus. A powerful part of that is the way it can be shared, as gospel, with people who won’t hear it through religious channels, and why that is possible… Like Hershbergers sharing this a.m. about teaching Bible to those who have no positive images of Christianity in Lithuiania, and how they have lived and grasp the core message of conquering through the power of nonviolence better than Americans.


  3. I look forward to reading both of your blogs everyday and can confidently say that I’ve become a better teacher because of it! Thank you for everything, Kristin, all of the bits of wisdom that paint a picture of a very dedicated early childhood educator. You make me proud to be a preschool teacher. On a lighter note, I love your boots! (The ones pictured in this post) Are they Keens? I’m always looking for something that will be comfortable in the classroom and will last forever.
    Keep posting and I’ll keep reading!


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