copy cat

i learn so much from watching others.
this is definitely true in my work and maybe just at true in my home life.
when my friend, jen, found this desktop ping pong set while shopping, i was reminded of this.

if you tell me you had fun doing something as a family (especially a family with school age kids!), i’m likely to try it.
the best $5 spent in a long, long time.

they’ve gone straight to it after school every day since.

i thought i would take it to preschool, but maybe it will stay at home.


it’s a set intended for a desk so the net is small and the paddles are mini, but there have been no complaints.


complete with an audience of stuffed dogs and pickles, they had a fun few rounds.


and just as i have heard many times that rather than us getting what we want, we are given opportunities to live without…this ping pong table increased competitive jabs, name calling and chaos, giving me opportunity to be patient, creative and pick my battles. oy.


we ate supper tonight with the net as a centerpiece. : )

2 thoughts on “copy cat

  1. yes.
    so many fights.
    sean won’t even play with scott anymore because he has learned it’s just not fun.
    but it’s given them another option of something to do on these cold days.
    totally worth the high price right?! :)


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