The whole of the holy life is good friends.
The Buddha to his cousin Ananda

our dear friends were here for a few days during their home visit.  the children paired off very much like they did a year and a half ago.  we relished in time together, often a big group of us.  we realized that we have known many of our friends for more than 20 years…and others feel like we have.


with a good dose of silliness and laughter, we celebrated the new year, jen’s birthday, and quite simply,  friendship.  we ate ridiculous amounts of food:  tamales (that we helped make!), lime cake, dips, enchiladas, pigs in blankets, donuts, tacos, pizza, cookies, truffles, dried kiwi, and then a lot of it over again with a pot luck.   we danced and sang along to salty dog verses in their honor.  goodness, goodness.




more grateful than tired, more happy than regretful, we recognize it was a bit like a stolen few days from reality.  and then all of a sudden…farewell again.


4 thoughts on “friends

  1. It must be so wonderful to get together again!
    Wow! So happy for all of you!
    Farewell and meet again. time will fly again, just like one and a half year flew.
    Good friends indeed.


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