happy new year

there has been a lot of happiness around here.

we’ve been surrounded by friends after days of being surrounded by family.  we’re tired with that goofy face and dry eyes kind of tired.  children close to tears and laughter at the same time they are so tired.  thanks to the hands of eager friends and silly 12 year olds there are HUNDREDS of photos to sort through.  sometime soon i’d like to do that.  with a cup of coffee.


p.s.  i’ve used all the scraps of this quilt top by now.  they make me so happy.


3 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. I like your candles. How did you do it? Did you make the candles yourself or did you just buy the candles inside the tall skinny jars?

    Happy New Year, Neufeld Epp! :)


  2. I have just scrolled through your holiday photos and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy seeing your traditions captured photographically. It seems weird to peek into your life, watch your kids grow, feel the warmth of family and food. But weird in a good way. Thanks again for sharing!


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