chicago christmas

a new puppy, chess, food, food, food, laughter, sleep, sleep, sleep, hot mint cocoa, forest preserve walks, an old dog who thinks she’s human, connecting by phone, planning the day around favorite restaurants, noise, noise, noise.  our youngest tends to get louder the more excited she gets (typical, i know)…but she was REALLY excited especially about her uncle and aunt who were willing to be her pet dogs.


sweet blessed abundance.


3 thoughts on “chicago christmas

  1. Hey Kristin,

    Beautiful post about our Christmas together. Brings back a flood of memories. Somehow you posted this with a date of December 2. Almost missed it. I saw it when I looked back at some of your previous posts which Mom and I are apt to do. :-)

    Our hearts are full of love and gratitude for you all this cold, sunny day.

    Love ya,



  2. I’m confused….didn’t your parents get a puppy a couple years ago? What happened to that one?

    So glad to see you were able to spend Christmas with Johnny and Trisha this year, too! Nice!


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