merry christmas

family 2010

(i could talk about a lot of details like my expression being one of near laughter, me holding eliza’s pet dog, micah acting goofy, eliza having gotten into naomi’s makeup and drawing eyebrows on, jerry not realizing this would be more than a head and shoulder’s shot or else he would have sat differently, sally showing so much of herself that i edited the photo and fuzzed out her most intimate parts, naomi subtly positioning herself apart from the group?)…merry, merry christmas on this day that we think on the story of peace that came with the birth of a child.  may it be so.

5 thoughts on “merry christmas

  1. I am SOOOO glad Sally made it into this year’s photo!

    And with so much going wrong for someone so dear to me, I find the little ‘what-the-hecks’ in this photo that much more gratifying!

    much love to you all! :)


  2. In spite of all those you could talk about the detail, it is a beautiful picture, love it!
    Merry Merry Christmas, dear ones. Wishing you a warm wonderful holidays season. miss you all!

    oh and Sally rocks!!!! :D


  3. I love this photo :-)
    I especially love that I could see it right next to your family profile picture and see how much the kids have grown, and to see the love that emanates so brightly from both. Have a joyous season, and we will indeed see you next year!


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