a first


this might be a first in over 12 years.  i have  6 hours alone.  at home.  i turned up the heat. i’m wrapping presents, making presents, watching movies on the computer, eating chocolate, gazing at the advent candles, drinking a fresh pot of coffee.  i feel like i’m on vacation.  this isn’t how i usually spend my time.  right now it is so quiet i can hear water running through the heater and the hum of the fridge. when feelings of guilt come, i whisper gratitude.





and i’m about to order a pizza for myself.  to be delivered.


(whispering gratitude now)

10 thoughts on “a first

  1. “when feelings of guilt come, i whisper gratitude.” yes. yes.yes. i’ll hold onto this as i work on art projects and read stuff i want to read before another school semester begins.


  2. You must arrange more days like that for yourself! By the way, my family members were fighting over who would get to eat the 2 cookies of yours that I had with my collection.


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