lamb work


this is evidence of a project based school.


reading, writing, math, science, creativity…all rolled into a project.


micah’s 3rd grade class came up with the idea for getting a couple of bottle lambs as a class project.  after writing up and presenting their proposal, the lambs arrived.

lambs - 5lambs - 6

we took a couple of turns feeding them over the weekend.


we set the alarm, got dressed in old clothes, made up some warm lamb milk, wrestled the nipples on the bottles and drove out to the school barn.  i learned a lot as we went.  when we went back the next day, i took the camera (and our friend, abram).

lambs - 3

lambs - 1IMG_3358.JPGlambs - 2

perhaps the cutest thing about these lambs is that they WAG THEIR TAILS while they eat.  like a dog!  so cute.

IMG_3362.JPGIMG_3394.JPGlambs - 4

last year one of the classes had pigs as their project.  the children this year enjoy fresh pork as a result of that project.  when i asked micah if these lambs would go to slaughter, he said, “uh, yeah.”  eliza chimed in, “we have to eat lunch at school, you know…”  (of course)

lambs - 7

3 thoughts on “lamb work

  1. I think it’s great their class has a project like this, even if they go to slaughter. I grew up bottle feeding calves. I never thought I’d miss it but your pics make me wish I could do it again. Good luck on the project.


  2. Oh, I can just imagine Eliza saying that (and I’m so grateful I can!)

    The school sounds wonderful. Someday maybe Micah can teach me about raising lambs for wool.


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