Originally uploaded by kristin :: prairie daze

complete with name calling, blaming and damage…

watch for naomi’s ornament glass breaking,
eliza walking to the ornament box and
dropping one intentionally,
micah noticing the whole thing and calling them out….

a few minutes after this video, the tree fell.


7 thoughts on “advent

  1. That is soooooo funny!! I love the sweet Christmas music in the background. Glad to see a portrait of another home that looks like ours (only yours is much better-decorated)–or more accurately, children who sound like ours!


  2. annie is home sick with me and we just watched it twice. :)
    she said “is that for me?” i said “no….it’s just video for her blog”
    and she asked “then why do they say merry christmas annie at the end?”



  3. Beautiful. Would have loved to be there with you all. Can’t wait to see you roll into our driveway. Love to all,



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