birthday moments

micah's 9th - 08

we’re not done yet, oma and opa will visit and there will be more celebrating, but…the official day came and went.

micah's 9th - 10

there are a few things i do every year that aren’t met with enthusiasm as much as anticipation.  they know the table will be decorated for them and they know their scrapbook will be done (this year i completed micah’s in record time).

micah's 9th - 01

micah's 9th - 04

plants, money, hexbugs, a football and duct tape are among the treasures.

micah's 9th - 03

micah's 9th - 06

micah's 9th - 09micah's 9th - 02

micah's 9th - 07

instead of a party micah took a friend along to a day at the zoo.  naomi was at an orchestra workshop/concert all day, so it was just us with eliza, micah and joey.

micah's 9th - 18micah's 9th - 17micah's 9th - 16micah's 9th - 15

eliza has a growing relationship with the sheep.  we almost never have money for the food, but she simply pretends she has food and gets all the sheep to follow her around.  it’s hilarious.

micah's 9th - 14micah's 9th - 13

micah's 9th - 22

we’re so grateful for friendly friends.

micah's 9th - 19

micah's 9th - 23

with candles blown out (on a cake that we haphazardly put together when we realized he didn’t get a cake on his actual birthday…it was a crazy week), the child claimed being nine.

micah's 9th - 05

oh, my love is fierce for this boy.

4 thoughts on “birthday moments

  1. I can tell the fierceness! His baby picture on the table–swoon…running from getting the mail?—for some reason that picture hit me the hardest. Sweet boy skipping along from the mailbox. LOVE the decorations. Love your house. Love your family.


  2. dear kristin… i’m so glad you stopped by my place so i could find yours… how very cool, that both of our sons celebrated birthdays… i read fierce love in your words and photos. beautiful, friend. they grow up too fast, no?


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