house envy turned to joy

church work day - 21

there is a house with history smudged all over the walls.  windows covering walls and ceilings as high as they can be.  i admitted to her that if my friend moved her family in, i would struggle with envy.  flat out envy.

they are moving in…eventually.

church work day - 17

there has been an incredible amount of work done and a staggering amount of work left to do.  but these friends are surrounded by a community of workers.  we helped for a fraction of the time most people were there.  there was work for all ages inside and out.  one of naomi’s jobs was taking pictures.  she got some great ones.

i think there was a work break for individual photo shoots of the girls who were working in the garden.

church work day - 06church work day - 05

church work day - 12

church work day - 09

church work day - 24church work day - 08

the yard is hidden and lush.  that’s where micah stayed.  micah loves plants.  he transplants things between his container gardens.  he asks to go to the greenhouse to just look.  his favorites lately are bamboo and succulents.  bamboo because you can make things out of it.  succulents because they are amazing.  this yard has bamboo.

an impressive amount of it, in fact.  micah was given permission to dig some up.  this was hard to do, but he got it done.  and, yes, we know how invasive bamboo is.  it’s planted in the back of our yard now. we’ll see how this shakes down.

church work day - 23church work day - 07

the inside work was a display of persistence.

church work day - 16church work day - 22church work day - 15

church work day - 14church work day - 18

lime green or not (and i think it should stay lime green, but i’ve already said that), i think this will be an amazing home.  i will claim my envy and translate it to joy for my friends.  if there is such a thing as deserving joy and beauty, they do.

church work day - 20

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