an abundance of halloweening


halloween was maybe as fun to get ready for as to experience.  i altered an adult sized skirt and vest to be eliza’s costume…all with the glue gun (sewing machine was broken).  we hunted for gross things for micah.  we scored a vintage prom dress for naomi.  jerry found his official mail uniform at the markham thrift shop last summer.  i had a few costumes (one for preschool, one for the parties and by halloween all i could do was put on a wig).




eliza was a farmer-cowgirl-abram’s wife, micah was a mad scientist, naomi was an injured prom queen, jerry was a mail carrier, i was thing 2 and a scarecrow.


micah and eliza wore their costumes three days in a row.  eliza’s was so dirty at the end of each day, that it was washed three days in a row.  that is not how i typically function.  naomi dressed up two days in a row.  the younger two could wear costumes to school on friday.  i like finding them with their friends and finding former preschoolers of mine.


(what about this photo of micah and friends makes me think of these guys in 10 years?)


i dressed up 7 days in a row.  my costume the first 5 days was easy.  i don’t have photos of myself the last two days.  maybe that’s okay.


me and my co-worker, mr rob.  this still makes me giggle.


we were blessed with friends and family, disappointed to feel a bit hurried between gatherings, but we had fun.




we have a dear and wise friend who encouraged me to think of halloween as the one night of they year to let the kids express themselves however they like.  i tend to resist that part of halloween.  but not this year.  i let them buy fake blood.  and use it.  consider yourselves warned…



i treasure these candid photos.  they show a typical interaction between these two.  jerry and naomi have a great and solid way of tuning into each other.  i am grateful for that.


and just to balance you out, let me close this post with the cutest ear of corn you’ll ever see:


(if you look back you’ll notice the corn harvesting farmer brother, the stalk of corn daddy and sunshine mama.)

2 thoughts on “an abundance of halloweening

  1. Three things:
    1.) I want Eliza’s WHOLE outfit (minus the vest) in adult size, please! Seriously. I love it.
    2.) Micah is changing in looks!
    3.) I feel queazy and delighted at the same time when I see the pictures of naomi and realize how she’s grown and how things will continue to change for her the next few years (boys!!!???).

    see you all SOON!!!!


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