the rural raft

micah and eliza’s school benefits from a town festival each year.  the walton rural life festival was last weekend.  all school children were invited to participate in a “decorate your bike or wagon parade.” bingo.  the kids decided to decorate one wagon.  to turn it into a pirate ship or race car was the first idea.  jerry and i suggested they come up with a rural theme.


the fishing boat concept was born.  and with some old cardboard, duct tape and spray paint, the boat was created.


micah and naomi decided we should have a wall on our house that can be a free for all spray painting area.  i’m reminded of the many hours i spent adding my mark to underpasses and bridges around here.  yikes.


while micah was the head painter, fish cutter and taper, naomi biked to the store to get tissue paper and eliza glued on the “water.”


as we finished up, i feared that we went over the top.  jerry teased that people would roll their eyes and say, “oh, the NEW family.”  i was relieved to arrive and find ourselves in good decorated bike and wagon company.





naomi hit a moment bordering on total humiliation when it really sunk in that she was going to pull this thing down main street.  she was noted by parade go-ers as a “good sport” and “great trouper” and “nice big sister” to participate.  we agreed.


in the end they each won a $5 gift certificate to the local cafe for coming in third place.  the rural raft rocked.


One thought on “the rural raft

  1. Well, you won’t catch me criticizing you for going “over the top” with cardboard and duct tape! That’s for sure! I like to think of it as enthusiastic creativity.


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