cuter at work than home

i am keenly aware that what i can consider cute or clever at work i often consider an annoyance at home.

cute at work

for example: a jar of coins with hundreds of snipped papers inside representing money bills.  at preschool:  clever problem solving.  creative extension to a game.  at home:  an inconvenience.  a mess.  impractical.

i’ve always struggled with being as friendly at home as i am at work.  i struggle to keep things as intentional and cozy at home as i do at work.  this is my reminder.  my work at home deserves what i give my work away from home.

3 thoughts on “cuter at work than home

  1. This is so true, even for those of use who are not preschool teachers! I find myself wishing the Mark and I would both speak as friendly and openly to our own children as we do to others. It’s hard to be aware of it in the moment!


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