prairie trip

prairie field trip - 5

i think it is a district-wide tradition for 3rd graders to go to a local prairie to continue their study of native american history.

prairie field trip - 1

i went for the last half of the day.  before i got there micah, his 4 classmates and a couple of mamas chose a place and set up camp.  i wandered through the nearly silent prairie for about 15 minutes before i found them (or anyone).  it was crazy.

prairie field trip - 4

we had a binder of activities to do and i marveled at the different learning styles of these kids.  it was also obvious to see how well these guys know each other.  with there only being one classroom per grade level at this school, they’ve been together since kindergarten (except micah and a couple others who joined later).

prairie field trip - 3

this was no light load.  but these were determined boys.

prairie field trip - 6

i still giggle at a few moments.  there are no bathrooms, we were given a shovel to dig a hole, there is poison ivy, they drank a lot of water….hee hee hee.

3 thoughts on “prairie trip

  1. I went on that field trip when I had a 4 year old (who went along with us) and was pregnant. The “no bathrooms” really freaked me out, especially being pregnant. Great field trip, but not sure I would ever go again :)


  2. We enjoyed seeing all the fun pictures/ We also saw the pics of Walton school – Awesome!!! Best wishes Oma and Opa.


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