playmobil winfield

complete with the campfire, the morning messes, stage 2 with the hill, musicians who look like pirates, tents, tarps, babies, red chairs, a big jar of pickles, a chain link fence, and the rainbow flag, eliza and i made playmobil winfield.

playmobil winfield - 01

playmobil winfield - 08playmobil winfield - 10playmobil winfield - 07

playmobil winfield - 06playmobil winfield - 05playmobil winfield - 03playmobil winfield - 02

playmobil winfield - 09

things we didn’t have that would have been cool:  outdoor wood stove, a camper with palm trees on it, sunflowers taller than all the tents.  not pictured here or in real life:  the fake blue grass that i am determined to get my hands on.  anyone know of a source?

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