there has been tumbling and leaping in our family for years.  but for the last few months it has gotten official: naomi has taken gymnastics lessons.  twice a week for two hours each she finds herself the tallest in the class, the oldest by a couple of years, the gymnast who hasn’t been taking lessons for years.  i’m in awe over the confidence it takes to step out there.


she was part of the group performing at the local “taste of newton” food festival downtown.  this is the crowd they performed for.  with the crowd inches away, it was quite an intimate setting indeed.

taste of newton - 01

other than her leotard not fitting well enough to do things involving bending over backwards (thanks to my failed altering attempt), she reports a great time.

taste of newton - 03

taste of newton - 04

taste of newton - 05

taste of newton - 06

taste of newton - 07

the required precision of movement, the increasing strength of her body, the attention to detail right down to finger position is perfect for naomi.

taste of newton - 02

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