where we are

we’re at the junction of messy kitchens and suppers on the porch,

homemade axes and a decades old porch swing,

parts of the house not needing repair and most of it in need,

coffee and shrines complete with cups of milk,

a 100% polyester snap down and big grasshoppers,

hanging skirts and vaseline in the front yard with a playmobil fence stuck in it (?!?!??!?) .

it’s good life. but…


i recognized in myself a desire to leave. jerry pulled in the driveway and i wanted to go. not because it was a hard day, but because i wasn’t looking forward to the rest of the day. with a five minute processing of the truth, we agreed to fake joy and do something together.

this is where we are.  and it’s working.

5 thoughts on “where we are

  1. Oh, how tender the reality of it all. Glad you have each other. As you know, Mom’s in Morden. I’m not! I’m out for a walk in the Forest Preserve and thought I’d check on your blog while walking. Made me feel warm, thankful, but melancholy all at once. Love you, Dad


  2. Is that a real grasshopper on Naomi’s fingers? How can she make it hop on her fingers?

    Where you are seems so real to me.
    I would love to visit where you are.


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