birthday joy

in doing the enneagram study a few years ago, i was described as a person who often sets her expectations unrealistically high and then experiences extreme disappointment.  um, yes.  i see it in my kids…they do too.  “mama, don’t tell me things we might do until you know we will do them and even then, don’t make a big deal out of it.”

there was a time i had to consciously choose not to set expectations.  i’m grateful to say that it is getting easier.  i can roll with it, i can accept that the way things are must be the way they are meant to be.

but, oh, the scale will tip all of a sudden.  i can be settled until too much is less than good and then like a cup wobbling from the contents of a pitcher being dumped in, i tip.

but this was a good day honoring my birth.  really, the celebration of a day that i simply showed up to.  kind of strange.

a baker neighbor called to ask if we wanted any cake ends and i used them to make mini cakes (so much tastier than the cupcake mix i was going to use!).

when opening presents from my kids and jerry, eliza said more than once that this was “the best birthday ever!!!!”  she didn’t change her tune when someone reminded her that it wasn’t HER birthday.

i got to wear a shirt with 37 candles on it…thank you, karin (the one and the same who made all the other shirts).

(this is the only photo of the shirt i have…!)

i was fed wonderful homemade food, found presents in my car, had messages on the computer and phone.  while i generally prefer rainy weather, these days were beautifully intense.  cold enough at night for blankets, sunny enough that my face is a bit burned today.

blessed, blessed be.

6 thoughts on “birthday joy

  1. the cakes look yummy :)
    I love the way you and many people there celebrate birthdays. Home made cakes, presents, love, care, family, friendship :)
    wishing you a wonderful new year
    You are as old as my older sister just above me. I will keep that in mind as a special thing to remember :)


  2. i am so glad to hear that you have had that issue too.
    i do it.
    i try soooo hard not to.
    and it usually sneaks up on me…trying to convince myself that something is “no big deal”
    and then it’s treated like no big deal when in my reality it was a really big deal.

    i love that you get that.


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