thirty seven

it feels right to be finishing up my year as a 36 year old.  it feels like i’m old enough to be called 37.  i’ve felt different for awhile…in a good way.

i’m “auntie” to babies instead of mama.  i get up early to exercise three days a week.  i laugh at work more than ever before.  i count on the computer to stay connected to those i love.  i can imagine my marriage in 12 years from now.  i’m teaching myself the ukulele.  i struggle to find the right kind of book to read at night.  i have known and loved jerry for over 20 years.  i question my beliefs often which seems to solidify some of them.  i see value in believing for the sake of believing.  it feels odd to drive a minivan all by myself.  i find myself at school advisory meetings.  i make layered salad and chili for my kids’ teachers.  i regretfully show irritation with my children.  i love finding friends in my driveway.  i’m keenly aware of the temperature outside.  i’m content.  i’m grateful.  i feel a freedom i haven’t known in a long time…or ever.   i’m about to be thirty seven…which feels very adult.

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