the shirts


so, there is this friend of mine who thought she’d make her kids winfield tshirts…a simple appliqued bluegrass instrument on a tishirt.  simple until you multiply it by 16.  she did it.

wvf shirts

and they are amazing.  she should open up a shop, eh?


each tshirt made with love and good intentions for each child.


(part of) this year’s crew:




again, heaven on earth.

12 thoughts on “the shirts

  1. I love how the instruments are just the right size for the kids to “play” them. How clever! Really, some of them in the picture look like real (beautifully colorful) instruments!


  2. Super cool! And oh my goodness, how tall is Naomi!!???? That girl is going to be asked to model at some point….. *sigh* My how time flies.


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