bluegrass heaven


this was our third year joining an amazing group of friends.  we remain grateful for this bit of heaven on earth.


a topic of late in our home has been heaven:  is there one?  if there is, is there also a hell?  wouldn’t god just make heaven and not hell?  where IS it?  i think earth is heaven.  i think earth is the opposite of heaven.  you get the idea.  i like to imagine a place called heaven where everything is better than the best of everything we can imagine.  not to be dramatic, but our days at the bluegrass festival had pieces of this.  isn’t it a task of humanity to notice the signs of heaven on earth? the moments of pure joy?


when there is easy weather, happy adults, frolicking children, talks of peace and justice, music in every corner, more than enough to eat…i am reminded of heaven on earth.


yes, there were moments when we were hot (!!!) and tired, dirty and frustrated,  mad and regretful.


coffee and places to land make so much better.



my soul came alive with the music this year.  thank you, friends, thank you.


p.s.  having a conversation with a couple of these folks and then finding out they are my brother’s friends still makes me blush.

6 thoughts on “bluegrass heaven

  1. I am stunned at how it all looks so…..different…and I am trying to imagine making that place ours once again. I am also stunned at how much your new car looks like our old car. Amazing. Did I ever tell you that we met a bluegrass band touring down here in Colombia and they knew your brother? Wow.


  2. wonderful, as usual. my favorites: the tweens holding the babies and john making music with abram slung across his lap!

    those of us from afar dream of winfield, maybe like we dream of heaven : )


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